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Free Call to India - many a times such adverts have taken our attention, only later found to be just a gimmick. In age of genie called the computer, we hope there is a way to use computer to call India free or at least cheap calls to India. In this series of articles we will review some of the voip service providers who claim to make free calls to india.
To start with we will review Jaxtr which promises to provide phone to phone international calls to india or elsewhere at local call cost or free. Many voip providers provide service to use voip to call India but most of them charge a fees although other destinations are free. So this promise of bringing free voip calls to India should take our attention. Let's see how Jaxtr is different or Is there any catch.

What are the promises

  • Jaxtr doesn't just promise free international calls but it promises to make those free international calls to india hassle free.
  • Like other voip providers you don't need to download any software to make free call to India
  • you don't need special voip phone to make your much needed cheap international call to India
  • Jaxtr claims you can use any regular landline phone or even your mobile phone to make international voip calls.
  • Person calling a Jaxtr user doesn't need to be a Jaxtr user himself.
So it claims you don't need to be computer wiz-kid to get started. In this article by going through the process of using Jaxtr I will be checking these claims.
First step visit the jaxtr.com, home page says sign up, nothing different here then, just like any other voip provider or even other providers of online services on the web you need an account.
jaxtr sign free
Clicking the sign up button takes you to registration form. It shows you that over 10 million users are already making use of cheap voip calls. We are already late! Registeration form is very simple with limited fields. Next page is find out friends already on Jaxtr. If you are like me then notice the skip for now link down below and click it. Next page recommend a friend, again skip for now is available. Good I have Jaxtr account in less than two minutes. It will take more time to read this parra than to create the account. Wow now I can make make my free voip calls to india. No wait. You have to varify your phone.
cheap call to India
Fill the country, phone number and click call to varify. Your phone rings, enter the number into phone being shown on your computer screen. You are now done with phone verification. Now your home page shows your phone but what is that 1Jax/Min. Is that cost of the call but it was mean't to be free. And by the way waht currency is jax. As it turns out you are provided a credit of 100 jax free every month which you can use on your calls. I noticed that the call rate is higher if you register mobile phones. For me it came out as 15jax/min. So it is limited.
OK fine, but how does it work. As I figured out you are given your profile page which is http://www.jaxtr.com/your-username-here . Anyone based in supported countries which includes India, even if he is not a jaxtr member can visit your profile page and click on call me button to contact you. He is asked to select the country he is based in and then given a local number in that country. Calling this local number will contact him to you. So here calling internation with voip may not be free but with local number your contact can call you international at local rate. We get internation voip calls at local rate. There is even button for to send tex
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